Are you thinking of renovating your home?
BeterHuis.Amsterdam would like to do this job for you!

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Zaterdag 03 oktober gaan we tussen 10:00 en 12:00 uur op Ijburglaan 918, te Amsterdam
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What do you want to do ?

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We like to help you!

Do you want to renovate your home?

woninginkoopamsterdamBeterhuis.Amsterdam would like to do this job for you.

Beterhuis.Amsterdam aims to completely unburden you.
Before we start with the execution of your assignment, we discuss the possibilities and think along in designing your house.

Your wishes form the foundation of your house to be renovated. After the renovation, you will receive a completely renovated house that has increased in value and meets the living requirements of today.
Depending on your wishes, the renovation takes an average of 6 weeks. If available, we can offer you an already renovated house under our own management as a changing house. That is part of taking care of you as our customer. Beter Huis arranges storage for your belongings for the period of renovation. You do not have to do anything for that, we take care of clearing and clearing your house.

Are you interested in the possibilities? There are already several model
homes ready and you are very welcome to come and see them.

  • Beter Huis offers a total package in which the unburdening of you is
  • Beter Huis offers you an independent appraisal before and after the renovation.
  • Beter Huis thinks along with you about the further possibilities of your home.



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